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How would you feel if you could blend the softness of cotton, the lightness of the clouds, the radiance of the sun, the brilliance of the universe, the vastness of the sky, the sweetness of sugar, the freshness of early morning dew, and the innocence of a child onto yourself? You would simply feel more beautiful, right?!

Did you know that you already have all these qualities inside you? You simply need to discover them and blend them together. And this is where meditation helps. When you meditate, you experience a profound calm and you feel beautiful from within. When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful naturally and no amount of dust, rain, or the blazing sun can take away that beauty.

Would you like to explore the various shades of beauty?

Shade #1: Beauty Like That Of A Blossomed Flower

You must have had times in your life when you have been able to find beauty in things you consider most ordinary. For such moments, you did not require the sight to be beautiful, because you were naturally feeling beautiful. As the wise say, the world outside is a reflection of the inner you. And one effortless way of creating a beautiful world inside is meditation.

Meditation moves you into the space where you are able to see everything just the way they are and not as good or bad. This ability comes from the remarkable quiet and calm within—calmness like the vast expanse of the sea, free from turmoil. When you feel calm and beautiful inside, you feel everything outside is beautiful.

Shade #2: Innocence Like That Of A Baby

Have you observed that the moment you see a baby, love and joy wells up? We start feeling like children. Their innocence and spontaneity catches on to us, but how do we make it stay? Meditation can help us rediscover the child within. The closer we are to the innocence of a child, the more beautiful we keep inside and out.

Shade #3: Intelligence Like That Of A Genius

While the time machine called meditation rewinds your nature to that of a child, it can also fast forward your intelligence to that of a genius. And it garnishes this brilliance with intuition, so that at times when situations in life are beyond logic or concepts, you have the intuition to do that which is right. Actually, this intuition is available 24X7. And an easy way to replenish it is daily meditation.

Shade #4: Radiance Like That Of The Sun

Don’t we all want to feel bright the whole day? Like the sun? Glowing and bubbling with enthusiasm!

Have you seen how bright you feel when you are high on energy? Whenever you feel tired, you can experience deep rest through 20 minutes of meditation. It brings back the depleted strength and you feel rejuvenated. Would you like to feel that way, right this moment? Click here! (we will link you to a guided meditation)

Shade #5: Freshness Like That Of Lime Juice

Imagine yourself at the beach, drinking a glass of fresh lime juice. You slowly take in the juice and let it energize your body on a summery day. You let yourself enjoy the freshness. Does that make you feel beautiful? A few minutes of relaxation through meditation is like the freshness of lime juice on a hot day. Let meditation draw from within you the freshness to keep you feeling beautiful all day.

Shade #6: Expression Like That Of Nature

The way to anyone’s heart is not through good food but through good communication. You can win hearts and arguments in the most skillful manner. All you need to know is how to put forth your ideas and thoughts in the way that serves both purposes. It definitely is an art, but you needn’t go to some school to learn it. Just sit down, close your eyes, and meditate!

Now that we know an easy road to feeling more beautiful, wouldn’t we all want to venture this path? Why not learn the art of meditation from a trained expert? Once trained, you can meditate independently and feel beautiful every day of your life.

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Written by Ravisha Kathuria

Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. Read More