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  1. Gurudev, we are from Chhattisgarh. While we were traveling by train to reach Bangalore, we had two tickets, of which only one was confirmed. So I had to share my berth with my friend. However there was an old lady who was sleeping on the floor because her seat too was not confirmed. What should we have done in this situation?

    You have already reached the Ashram, why are you still thinking about that old lady now? Just relax. Yes, you should always honour and respect women, and be considerate towards children and the elderly. Always respect your elders and senior citize ...

  2. Gurudev, it is said that from every animal and bird something can be learnt. What can be learnt from humans?

    Humanity! From human beings we can learn two things:
    1. What we must do
    2. What we must not do

    We can learn about the different kinds of animals and birds, we can also learn what we must do from animal and birds, but we cannot learn ...

  3. Gurudev, what is the importance of sacrifice in the life?

    You get strength from sacrifice. It increases your valor.
    Sacrifice brings you so much peace, and you feel that your life is fruitful. You never get as much happiness by craving or acquiring things, as much as you get by sacrificing them.

    When ...

  4. How to become such a person that people listen to me when I speak.

    You should drop this idea that people should listen to you. You be authentic in your expression. You be natural and don’t worry about what others think of you. You will find that you have achieved what you wanted to achieve.

  5. Why do cultures clash? Why does humanity disappear? Can you please throw some light?

    That is a good question. Today there was a bomb blast in Bangalore and Boston. This is intolerance; the culture of non-violence is missing. That is why we all have to do our work. Don’t you think so? Shall we all together do some work?

    In India also, ...

  6. Please talk about Reciprocity.

    Reciprocity is very natural.
    At a higher state of mind, reciprocity is instantaneous. Only when someone is not sensitive there is no reciprocity.
    Often people reciprocate the bad things. If you blame somebody, they are ready to blame you immediat ...
  7. Can you explain how it is possible that all people in my country Holland create beautiful things? We are materialistic, but there is no awareness of consciousness. How is this possible?

    I don’t think so. There is consciousness in people. There is so much kindness in people. People in Holland have lot of values and they are very much willing to support and do service. You simply need to give them a chance and channel them, that is all.
  8. Does ethical awareness come from the heart or the mind?

    Ethics is a combination of heart and mind. It bridges both. ...
  9. At the dinner table at home, we all sit with our children and teach them good things. But when it comes to business, actions of greediness and selfishness are explained away so easily with phrases like, ‘It is only business, don’t take it personally.’ How do we explain this contradiction?

    Business is formal and family is informal, but business cannot become impersonal. The human touch, the personal touch needs to be there, but at the same time we should not do business emotionally; we must be very clear about this.
    Business should be d ...
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