Food to be taken in respective Months
(April - June)

April (Chaitra)

Practice the following in Chaitra so that the summer heat does not affect the health adversely:

  1. Use a paste made by crushing fresh neem flowers and use it as food item.
  2. Eschew salt altogether from your diet or take as little of it as you can.
  3. Drink water copiously in summer.
  4. Take sour, pungent, and sweet drinks and eat such food.
  5. Use yogurt, buttermilk, and tamarind mixed drinks as a daily item of food.
  6. Patients suffering from Bleeding (Rakta pitta) and diseases of blood should eat rose jam, aamla jelly and plain aamla jam.
  7. Consciously abstain from sex life to protect and store semen.

May (Vaishakh)

Practice the following in Vaishakh for health giving pravas:

  1. Avoid moving about under the hot sun.
  2. Reside in cool or cooled houses, on hill stations or near seaside.
  3. Take more than other food, sour and sweet predominant foods. Orange, sweet lemon, mango, tamarind syrup, phalsa, watermelon, mulberry, and similar other fruits should be taken freely.
  4. The semen has, by now, grown diluter and weaker and also less in quality as a result of heated body constituents. In this condition it is necessary to preserve the balance; and so abstinence should be observed. The children that have been conceived in this season are born weak and become chronic patients of rickets, bone tuberculosis, flesh depletion, ratava, and skin troubles. So it is no gain to anyone in the world to beget such progeny.
  5. Avoid salty, sour, hot things; sour mixed with sweet can be taken.
  6. Onion is a shield and antidote against sunstroke in summer; it is nutritious.
  7. Infants and very young children may be given bath with water boiled with Kesooda or sandal or aguru and be massaged with these things.
  8. Sleep under the sky in moonlight; have full sleep, and have midday siesta.
  9. Drink buttermilk, water, and sugared water freely.
  10. Eat light, nutritious, and sweet foods. Avoid heavy and gas-causing foods.

June (Jyeshtha)

Practice the following in Jyeshtha to take advantage of this month:

  1. Free use of butter and churned yogurt.
  2. Yogurt mixed with sugar should be taken. The custom of preparing shreekhand by almost dehydrating yogurt and then adding sugar to it is harmful.
  3. Mangoes should be sucked. Jaamboos should be eaten.
  4. Light, easily digestible foods should be taken.
  5. Pure sweet dishes should not be eaten. They should be mixed with sour.
  6. Fried, sour, or salty things should not be eaten. Salty things harm the body constituents, resulting in debility. Such salty articles also cause certain skin diseases in this hot season.
  7. We should not expose ourselves to the sunshine of Jyeshtha and summer. We must have sufficient rest. We must conserve as much energy as we can in this hot season that sucks away and dries up the moisture in the body.
  8. Brahmacharya should definitely be observed in this season. Semen and ova also keep heated like the other inner limbs. Conception in such weather does not yield good children. They would be born weak and emaciated.