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  1. Save Life India – Blood Donors Database

    Thu, 11/09/2014
      Blood donation is supreme service to humanity and it saves precious life. On a daily basis, numerous accidents take place. At times lives may be lost due to shortage of blood. Even though we have blood banks in most cities, right type of blood may not b ...
  2. Save Life India – Blood Donors Database

    Thu, 11/09/2014
    Blood donation is a supreme service to humanity. It saves life, which is the most precious thing on earth. Accidents and health hazards are a common feature in today’s world, attributing to the fast and hectic lifestyle. On a daily basis, numerous accident ...
  3. Gujjar-Govt talks hit roadblock, Sri Sri steps in

    Fri, 05/09/2014
    Mixed signals came from the state government, which sent a letter to Gujjar leader Kirori Singh Bainsla asking him to send a team for talks and at the same time filed criminal cases against him and some other top leaders of the community for allegedly maki ...
  4. Gujjars agree to continue talks

    Sun, 08/06/2008
    Sunny Sebastian Dialogue was on the verge of getting bogged down after Bainsla set conditions JAIPUR: Gujjar leaders, who put certain conditions for talks with the Rajasthan government in Jaipur, late on Tuesday agreed to continue the dialogue. Indications ...
  5. Charter Batch Of Sri Sri University Celebrated Convocation

    Thu, 04/09/2014
    03 SEPTEMBER, 2014, BHUBHANESHWAR. The Art of Living’s Sri Sri University today celebrated the graduation-day ceremony of the pilot batch of graduates of the MBA Programme 2012-2014 at the Mayfair Convention Centre in Bhubaneswar,  in the presence of Sri S ...
  6. Youth Day in Kingston and Montego Bay

    Fri, 12/09/2014
    On August 12th, 2014 the Art of Living Foundation Jamaica and The Ministry of Youth and Culture organised a one day introductory seminar for youth: Mental Health Matters. The seminar was attended by 50 youth leaders from various schools and homes and for t ...
  7. FIFA to host global summit on ethics in sports

    Mon, 25/08/2014
    ZURICH (AP) - FIFA will host a conference on ethical sports leadership organized by the Brussels-based World Forum for Ethics in Business. FIFA says its president Sepp Blatter will open the Sept. 19 meeting which aims to “elaborate on what business and pol ...
  8. Garcia and Eckert on cast list for FIFA-hosted ethics summit next month

    Mon, 25/08/2014
    August 20 - FIFA is to host the first ever conference on ethical sports leadership in conjunction with the Brussels-based World Forum for Ethics in Business. FIFA president Sepp Blatter will open the September 19 landmark forum with speakers to include bot ...
  9. 10 best Ashrams and spiritual retreats around the world

    Mon, 25/08/2014
    It is India’s age-old spirit and spirituality that made the West stand up and acknowledge the practice of yoga and meditation. Ashrams (isolated communities formed around a guru who follows Hindu philosophy) and Buddhist monasteries (residences for monks) ...
  10. On Independence day, Sri Sri urges youth to take pride in their roots

    Sat, 16/08/2014
    15th August, 2014, Bangalore: “Indian youth should take pride in their roots. This will increase their self-esteem. Be creative, equip yourself with different talents along with your degree and become unstoppable in taking India forward”, was the message s ...
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