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  1. Statement by Sri Sri on the Shri Amarnath Yatra

    Bangalore, July 28, 2012: While as a member of the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) I do not shy away from responsibility, I would like to bring to your notice the challenges faced by the Board. I feel deeply pained about the toll of casualties during th ...
  2. Sudarshan Kriya

    Tue, 01/05/2012
    Sudarshan Kriya is a rhythmical breathing technique which utilizes certain natural rhythms of the breath to energize the mind and provide quick stress relief. Sudarshan Kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath that harmonizes the rhythm of ...
  3. Anna Hazare- Fast breaking speech

    April 2011,Anna Hazare speaks after breaking his fast unto death for the Lokpal Bill: Anna Hazare: “Today you all saw how enthusiastically and strongly we won! I speak for all the people who encouraged us to continue this endeavour, gave us inspiration an ...
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