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  1. Gurudev, today alcoholism is the biggest challenge to move towards spirituality, and a safer society. However, in these two days of the Corporate Culture & Spirituality conference, nobody spoke about it. Please guide us.

    We tell people that we have a greater type of intoxicant here – meditation, singing, and serving. This is a better intoxicant; it takes you to a greater height. People simply don’t know of this brand of whisky, that’s all.
    There i ...

  2. What is the right type of governance? Isn't it time for a spiritual kind of governance?

    Yes, capitalism, communism, secularism, all isms are good for nothing, in fact, they will all be a failure without humanism. And how can humanism be invoked? It is through spirituality. ...
  3. Gurudev, could you please talk about the connection between spirituality and mathematics?

    Mathematics of spirituality is that 2 + 1 = 0.
    Did you get it? Think about it!
    When the body and mind, these two merge with the One spirit, then nothing remains to be known anymore. That is what it is! ...
  4. Gurudev, you have said that we shouldn't give explanations to people. But if we have something on our heart that is heavy and feel the need to talk about it, then what to do?

    There is no one rule for it, sometime you want to speak and become calm and sometimes speaking doesn't help in any way.

    Wake up and see, the whole world is like a dream. All those thoughts have gone, the behavior of people will disappear. Some people ...

  5. Dear Gurudev, why is the path of spirituality so difficult and trying at times? Sometimes I feel life was much simpler when I was ignorant.

    Spirituality is difficult? (Sri Sri smiles)
    Who says so? If it is difficult, how could you be smiling?

    Before you were insensitive, now you have become sensitive, that is it!
    When you are thick skinned, nothing matters at all. You do n ...

  6. Dear Gurudev, what has God got to do with spirituality? Can I not believe and still be spiritual?

    Do you know, in the six Darshanas (schools of India Philosophy), the first three Darshanas do not even talk about God – Nyaaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya.

    Nyaaya Darshana b ...

  7. Jai Gurudev! I would like you to talk on youth and spirituality.

    We are made up of both matter and spirit.
    Our body is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, etc., and our spirit is made up of generosity, love, compassion, energy, expansion, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, intelligence, sensit ...
  8. I can understand the truth of your knowledge. I can enjoy pooja, bhajans and all the Indian customs as well around you. But, when I am together with my friends, it is very difficult to speak about all this; especially, listening to a Master. In our country, we learn to follow our mind and not any Masters. What can you suggest to make Art of Living more acceptable?

    Do you know, 30 years ago, when we first started The Art of Living then also it was very difficult. Teaching yoga means only someone who is out there, someone who is crazy, would do yoga. But today people like yoga.

    I want to tell you one thing. Yo ...

  9. Dear Guruji, why are there religions? I know that they are there to keep us sane and have something to believe in; but why do people feel so strongly that their beliefs are right and others are wrong? How do we know if any of them are right?

    You know, people want an identity, and they hold on to religion as an identity. Once you identify with one religion, you find that those who do not belong to that religion, no longer belong to you. They are separate; they are different. And that is how str ...
  10. Intuition is important for entrepreneurs as it creates unique resources for gaining competitive advantages. From a management context, we are saying that companies that are investing in resources with unique capabilities are at an advantage. If we spread spirituality everywhere, what will be the uniqueness then, and how will we still gain the competitive advantage?

    We all sleep; we all have a good meal and a good nap. If everyone takes very good and deep sleep, will they all become the same? No! If everyone has a good meal, will they all express themselves in the same way? No! But everyone is entitled to have a good ...
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