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  1. The Right Perspective to Dealing With Hurt

    Tue, 26/11/2013
    Bangalore, India 711_divine_-_hurt_4.jpg You know, many of you often say, 'Oh, I feel so hurt'.You fall in love and then you get hurt, isn't it. How many of you have had this experience? (Many raise their hands)You didn’t expect a certain actio ...
  2. 3 Things That Affect Your Mind

    Tue, 16/07/2013
    Montreal, Canada  company-energy-friend_1.jpg The mind gets affected by three things: Time, Food and Company. Time If you turn back and see, you must have experienced this in your life; even if everything is alright, you have all that you need, ...
  3. We Are All Equal

    Thu, 05/12/2013
    Bangalore, India in-delhi_0.jpg Today, I was reminded of an incident. This happened during my middle school years. We had a servant maid who would work in our house and she had a daughter who would accompany her. They both used to come together ...
  4. Are You Sensitive Or Sensible?

    Sat, 25/01/2014
    Bangalore, India 1_1_0.jpg Gurudev, when we put our focus on others, we get weak. Like when Yudhistira (character from Indian epic Mahabharata) put his focus on the Pandavas (Yudhistira's brothers) he got weak, but Krishna told him to be center ...
  5. Revenge Is No Solution

    Tue, 16/07/2013
    Montreal, Canada betrayal_text_711.jpg How do you forgive someone that you have a close relationship with, who has betrayed you and let you down continuously? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Well, what option do you have? If there is any other good optio ...
  6. Gurudev, why and how did you come up with the Shakti Kriya? Can you please explain a little more about it?

    Why and how? Just like I came up with the Sudarshan Kriya, this dawned on me some two-three years ago. I mentioned this last year after Navratri that we are going to experience something beautiful, and so we did it.
    The technique is there, knowledge i ...
  7. The Art Of Communication

    Sat, 07/09/2013
    Bangalore, India skill.jpg Gurudev, how to be diplomatic and what is the art of getting your work done? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Being diplomatic is seeing the point from the other person’s angle as well. Getting into the other person’s shoes and ...
  8. Money Is Not Everything

    Thu, 06/02/2014
    Bangalore, India dont-give-too-much-power-to-money_1.jpg Don’t give too much power to money. Money has its role to play. It’s not just money that makes things work; people have power in their determination. Many of the big demonstrations that ...
  9. Gurudev, you say in the Yoga Sutras that those who are not doing good, one should educate and ignore them. But Gurudev, what to do if that person is our life partner and we have to live with him? How do I ignore him or improve him?

    We have to ask him also, what’s his opinion about you.
    I am not qualified to answer this question, I have no experience, I don't talk about subjects in which I have no experience, still I would say create a space for him as he is.

  10. I am a student and there are so many distractions around me. When I start studying I easily get distracted. Is there any permanent solution this?

    No way! Why do you want a permanent solution? There is no permanent medicine in life.
    Whenever you get distracted, see what is distracting you? When you’re watching an interesting movie, the mind is not distracted.
    There i ...

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