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  1. Worshiping The Gods

    Thu, 29/11/2012
    Bangalore, India Please tell us something about Hanuman? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is said that the Ramayana is happening in your own body. Your soul is Rama, your mind is Sita, your breath or life-force is Hanuman, your awareness is Laxmana and your ego i ...
  2. The Silence Of Good People

    Thu, 20/12/2012
    Bangalore, India When I see this world of humans, I don't see a world which cares for me or anybody. There is goodness in them but largely they are driven by their weakness, greed and insecurity. Looking at what people are doing to the Earth and to each o ...
  3. A New Beginning

    Wed, 12/12/2012
    Bangalore, India When an individual does meditation, it is called Tapasya (focused effort leading towards bodily purification and spiritual enlightenment). But when everyone joins together from all over the world and does meditation it is called a Yagna a ...
  4. Gurudev, how to remain ever new and eternal? For example when we meet people, our impression from our previous associations linger in the mind.

    Yeah of course, that is why I say you are both ancient and new. You are new that doesn't mean that you don't remember somebody's name. Every time you meet someone, you don't ask them, ‘What is your name again?’
    Being ever new does not mean amnesia, wh ...
  5. Dealing With Anger

    Wed, 07/11/2012
    Bangalore, India Gurudev, I am wondering whether you prepare for each Satsang beforehand or do you create the meditation on the spot? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is in the moment. I do not prepare anything. I am readymade (Laughter). How to deal with righteo ...
  6. Spirit Of Enquiry

    Fri, 30/11/2012
    Bangalore, India There are six types of people who asks questions. The first type of person who asks questions is one who is sad or unhappy. Unhappy people ask questions but they do not listen to the answers. This is a fact, have you not experienced thi ...
  7. Five Experiences You Must Have

    Fri, 30/11/2012
    Bangalore, India Five days and experiences to really blossom in your life. One day you should spend with the farmers. Morning to night, spend the day with the farmers and see how they sow the seeds, how they water the plants and how they care for the plan ...
  8. You Are Blessed

    Mon, 05/11/2012
    Bangalore, India Why do we do Paad Pooja (an ancient Indian ritual of welcoming a guest by washing his feet with water and flowers)? What is the significance of Paad Pooja? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: n the olden days when we received an honored guest in our ho ...
  9. Ancient Wisdom

    Tue, 30/10/2012
    Bangalore, India Gurudev, we are starting the Vedic Wisdom Sessions from tomorrow with the Upanayana (holy ceremony of wearing the sacred thread). We have about a hundred people from Europe. Could you give us some directions about how this Vedic Wisdom ca ...
  10. The Mind Matters

    Wed, 24/10/2012
    Bangalore, India You know, at all cost, you should save your mind. What happens is that you are in a happy mood, in a joyful mood, and somebody comes and tells you something in your ears which you don’t like. They say, ‘So and so said this about you’, ...
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