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  1. You Reap What You Sow

    Thu, 14/11/2013
    Bangalore, India saint_01.jpg Today is celebrated as Uthhana Dwadashi (a sacred festival commemorating the awakening of Gods from sleep, and also a day on which the marriage of Tulsi to Lord Vishnu is celebrated in South India), that is the day ...
  2. Life Is Really... Short!

    Sun, 09/02/2014
    Bangalore, India (Part 2 of 3) wisdom-24.jpg (Petra Friganovic: Supermodel from Croatia) Q: Gurudev, I have one question for you. I am very much aware that there is this enormous spiritual and practical power in women. But I am also aware that ...
  3. У всего, что приходит и уходит, есть своя причина

    Tue, 24/12/2013
    mother-natures_1.jpg Бун, Северная Каролина Будьте как новогодняя елка – вечнозеленая, сияющая, полная огней и подарков. Итак, вы все здесь – новогодние елки. Новогодняя елка только отдает, она ничего не берет себе! Она просто дает. Так двигайт ...
  4. Everything That Comes And Goes Has A Purpose

    Tue, 24/12/2013
    mother-natures_1.jpg Boone, North Carolina Be like the Christmas tree; evergreen, shining, full of lights and full of gifts.So everyone here is a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree only gives, it doesn’t take anything for itself. It just gives. ...
  5. Преодоление зависти

    Wed, 27/11/2013
    wisdom-19.jpg Позавчера в Пакистане была проведена очень успешная медитация с большим количеством людей. Люди выступают за мир в Пакистане, и это очень хорошо.  ...
  6. How Do I Love Myself?

    Fri, 10/01/2014
    Bangalore, India you-are-love_03.jpg Gurudev, it might sound silly but it is a genuine question from the heart. How does one begin to love oneself more? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There is an anecdote. Someone was trying to catch a black cat in a da ...
  7. A True Act Of Service

    Tue, 14/01/2014
    Vidarbha, Maharashtra self-reliant.jpg So many people were hesitating to sing freely when the Satsang was going on. Satsang means to be able to sing openly and freely with all your heart. One who is not shy is one who truly attains God. (Laughter ...
  8. Add A New Dimension To Your Life

    Tue, 14/01/2014
    Vidarbha, Maharashtra differently_1.jpg How do we know whether we are progressing on the spiritual path or not? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There are three points you should always bear in mind when you have come on the spiritual path. The first is: ...
  9. Taking Refuge Of The Divine

    Mon, 25/11/2013
    Bangalore, India taking-refuge_646-text.jpg (Photo credit: pattoise / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND) ...
  10. 3 Things That Affect Your Mind

    Tue, 16/07/2013
    Montreal, Canada  company-energy-friend_text_646.jpg The mind gets affected by three things: Time, Food and Company. Time If you turn back and see, you must have experienced this in your life; even if everything is alright, you have all that yo ...
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