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  1. The Role Of A Guru

    Mon, 14/07/2014
    role_of_guru.jpg Yoga is coming back to the seer, and that is what meditation is: from the scenery getting back to the seer. So when you sit for meditation what happens? All the old experiences come up; they come up only to go away. So when you ...
  2. You Can Bring Change To Your Life

    Mon, 09/06/2014
    Predestined.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post Stop Complaining And Start Living!) Gurudev, is it destiny or our actions that decides our future?I have heard many times that whatever is going to happen is already pre-decided. Is it true? ...
  3. Overcome Fear In One Go

    Sun, 13/07/2014
    infinity.jpg I have to tweet some knowledge today, what knowledge should we talk about today?Did you read my last tweet? What was it? (Someone speaks from the audience)Yes, 'If wisdom cannot bring happiness and take away misery, then nothing el ...
  4. Three Levels Of Silence

    Wed, 09/07/2014
      weak.jpg There are three levels of silence: One is not saying anything. This is what we usually call silence. People understand silence as not talking, not gesturing, and not doing anything. There is another level of silence which is one step ...
  5. Wisdom Catches Wisdom

    Sat, 12/07/2014
      keytohappiness_02.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post Sri Sri's Message On Guru Poornima) In India, there is a famous story of Eklavya (a character from the Hindu epic, the Mahābhārata). Eklavya is considered the epitome of a disciple. A ...
  6. Sri Sri's Message On Guru Poornima

    Sat, 12/07/2014
    More Wisdom More Happiness guru-principle_02.jpg Guru is present like space in life.You just sang this song, 'Ajo Ananthaya'. Ajo means Never Born, Ananthanya is Infinity, Nitya Shudha is Forever Pure, and Sat-chid-ananda is Pure Bliss.Guru pri ...
  7. Stop Complaining And Start Living!

    Mon, 09/06/2014
    garbage_02.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post Your Talents Are For Others!) When we are children, we complain to our parents. When we go to school, we complain about our teachers and our friends. When we start working, we complain about o ...
  8. The Password To The Eye-Pad

    Sat, 28/06/2014
    GP.jpg (Someone from the audience gives Sri Sri a basket filled with questions) Does it really matter? (Sri Sri keeps silent for a little while) This is the latest technology, all questions answered in silence; non-verbal, downloading.Could you ...
  9. An Answer From Silence

    Sun, 06/07/2014
    There-is-nothing-to-ask-and1.jpg You have nothing to ask and I have nothing to say.The question and the answer comes from the same source. Where the question comes from, the answer also come from the same place. Just be a little quiet and see, ...
  10. Your Talents Are For Others!

    Mon, 09/06/2014
    share_knowledge.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post Devotion Is The Head Of Meditation) Please explain the significance of Go-daan (the custom of donating a cow as charity in India) and whether one should do it while being alive, or by som ...
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