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  1. Stillness in the City that Never Sleeps

    Wed, 20/04/2011
    Last Sunday, I was in a crowd that is the essence of New York City -- writers and bankers, shopkeepers and taxi drivers, Americans, ex-pats and immigrants. But this time, rather than horns blaring, cell phones demanding our attention, and people in game-fa ...
  2. Thousands brave rain to attend Art of Living festival

    Mon, 04/07/2011
    Thousands of people, including Indian Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahai, braved showers and chilly winds in the German capital to attend yoga performances and cultural programmes at the World Cultural Festival celebrating 30 years of Indian spiritual guru ...
  3. Thousands pour onto streets in Indian cities against corruption

    Sun, 30/01/2011
    In what could be termed as the biggest outpouring against corruption by citizens, thousands of Art of Living volunteers joined citizens across the nation in the India Against Corruption march that took place in more than 50 cities in India and some even in ...
  4. Be the player, not the pawn

    Tue, 15/11/2011
    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers seekers' questions on religious differences, acceptance and doubt, love and understanding. Why are there differences between religions? Religion has three components: symbols, customs and traditions and values. As far as values ...
  5. Sri Sri Gives Ultimate Key to Happiness

    Thu, 13/01/2011
    He planted a plant in the Press Club’s lawn, and moved to the podium. A minor stampede occurred during this short moment, of photographers grappling to get a good shot of this much revered person, mixed with his entourage of willing volunteers. This was sp ...
  6. Religious literacy not merely philosophical

    Fri, 01/10/2010
    Human beings, unlike other species in nature, are born in religion. They are named and then married as per religious ceremonies. When they die, even their final farewell is a religious sacrament. Though one may claim to be non-religious, one's name (even i ...
  7. Ravi Shankar's Mass Meditation for World Peace: 70,000 Gather at World Culture Festival

    Tue, 05/07/2011
    For a second, close your eyes and picture this: 70,000 people from around the world assembled in mass meditation, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in a shared moment of silence, their eyes closed and minds free from any cultural or religious differences. Earli ...
  8. On a green mission

    Thu, 10/11/2011
    Sanju Soman, an 18-year-old BA Psychology student at SN College, Chempazhanthy, is behind the ‘drive’ and has been continuing his journey for the past six months. He takes a 26-kilometre to-and-fro cycle ride every day from the LMS Hostel in the city, wher ...
  9. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: A yogi doesn't mind criticism at all

    Sun, 06/11/2011
    Q) You have been an active participant in the India Against Corruption campaign led by Anna Hazare. However once a spiritual master enters the political arena, he will be criticised like any other politician. Are you prepared for this? Will not your devote ...
  10. Corrupt Times Lead India To Spiritual Leaders

    Thu, 03/11/2011
    "The government of India is corrupt." Ask any passerby on the streets of India to confirm this, and they'll agree. Yet the statement, declarative as it is, in fact is old news that the people of India have known for a long time. Corruption, mainly through ...
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