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  1. Yoga poses to relieve neck pain

    Tue, 23/04/2013
    Gone are the days when 'small is good' was the motto. Today we want everything to be better than the rest. Better house, better salary, better grades; even a better world. The strife for perfection is driving us all crazy. You may say, 'It is all about evo ...
  2. Message of non-violence comes at right time

    Wed, 24/04/2013
    On the same day as the bombings at the Boston Marathon, a world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader spoke in Regina.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was in the Queen City to deliver a message of peace and to make a plea for non-violence. A crowd of several hund ...
  3. Non violence revisited

    Thu, 04/04/2013
    Last week, in Los Angeles, I attended a two-evening event called "NonViolence: No Higher Calling." Part of a national initiative started by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, its brochure read: "Ten million acts of violence ...
  4. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar leads peace crusade in New York

    Mon, 01/04/2013
    Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on March 30 joined hundreds of peace activists in New York to raise their voice in favour of non-violence. Shankar is leading Nonviolence: No Higher Calling or NONVIO, which is committed to counteracting the 10 mi ...
  5. Police officers learn how better living can control stress

    Fri, 22/02/2013
    Life can be challenging for a police officer in the city that never sleeps. Whether it is dealing with the constant flow of offenders, managing the escalating traffic or rehabilitating misguided youth towards a better life, the police officers are always a ...
  6. Sri Sri launches Volunteer for a Prosperous Nepal

    Wed, 27/02/2013
    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inaugurated Volunteers for a Prosperous Nepal on Wednesday by lighting a traditional oil lamp amidst a grand ceremony organized in the capital. Addressing the gathering of some 15,000 people at the Police Academy ground of Maharajgunj, ...
  7. Spirituality will Give Corporations an Edge over Others: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Wed, 13/02/2013
    Seven hundred business heads from all across the globe, who converged in Bangalore to be a part of the 10th edition of the Corporate Culture and Spirituality Conference (CCS) on the 8th and 9th of February, 2013, had one question in mind: “How do business ...
  8. Global biz heads to talk bottom line through a spiritual prism

    Tue, 29/01/2013
    The 10th Corporate Culture and Spirituality Conference to host world leaders and business heads to evolve global business strategies Bangalore, January 29.2013: 700 business heads from all across the globe will be a part of the 10th edition of the ‘Corpor ...
  9. The Case for Nonviolence

    Thu, 17/01/2013
    The series of shootings that America has witnessed over the last few years are very unfortunate. They have left the world shocked, the most recent one being the Connecticut shooting. When we ponder on how we can avoid incidents like this, the very first t ...
  10. 7 Ways to be Peaceful and Prosperous

    Sat, 05/01/2013
    Each new year, people wish each other happiness, prosperity and peace, but only a few seem to know how to be peaceful like only a few know how to make money. Here are some steps that might help one to find the most needed inner peace. 1. Take Time for Your ...
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