A Medication-Free Treatment to Depression

Sudarshan Kriya  is a unique, powerful breathing technique that uses the natural resource within you – your breath, to help you easily come out of depression.

"Prana"  is the subtle life-force energy in every living being responsible for enthusiasm, happiness and peace. Depression is just an indication of very low prana. Sudarshan Kriya raises the prana levels in your body by throwing away 85% of impurities and stress toxins.

According to researches, Sudarshan Kriya is powerful antidote to stress - root cause of depression. It releases deeply stored stress in the system, making the mind peaceful, happy and free - everyday!

Proven scientific research on

Sudarshan Kriya curing depression

Sudarshan Kriya cures the root cause of depression - deeply accumulated stress


Naturally feel more energetic, work efficiently and have a better inter-personal, professional relations, every single day. The enthusiasm and joy-oozing state of mind will make head turn around to you, once again!

Independent researches show that Sudarshan Kriya:

Reduces serum cortisol and blood lactate levels (stress indicators)

Increases serum prolactin level

(a well-being indicator)

Say Good-Bye to Depression!

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Post Sudarshan Kriya, there was a 60% fall in Serum Cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body. This result was 35% better compared to the group listenting to soothing music to combat stress during the research.

The Blood Lactate levels (another important stress indicator) of a highly stressed group reduced by 87.5% immediately post Sudarshan Kriya, indicating effortless relaxation.

You feel happier, joyful and healthier when the Serum Prolactin level in the body is enhanced. Sudarshan Kriya shows a 50% increase of this well being indicator in the practitioners.

Sudarshan Kriya is better then standard anti-depression therapies because, it


is as effective as drug therapies

has no side effects

is less strain on your wallet

has shown 73% success rate in sustained remission from depression regardless of severity

Effect on Chronic depression (dysthymia) meloncholia

Sudarshan Kriya enhances inner healing and stimulates hightened alertness


Research studies have found that the EEG (electroencephalogram) brain wave patterns in a group of Sudarshan Kriya practitioners has an increase in EEG alpha activity coupled with significantly greater EEG beta wave activity than a group who do not practice Sudarshan Kriya.

This result indicates a state of relaxation & healing co-existing with hightened alertness that can benefit in:

Faster and sustained recovery from depression

Smiling more times a day & reconneting with everyone easily

Increased productivity

Increased learning ability

Increased Success

*All facts stated above are based on proven independent researches conducted by AIIMS and NIMHANS.

They chose joy with the Sudarshan Kriya ...

“The breathing techniques taught in the course especially Sudarshan kriya helped me deal  with depression and infused a new spirit and respect for life “


"I had a serious relationship problem. Depression was at its peak when I was introduced to Sudarshan Kriya. This completely changed my life upside down. I started smiling, being more joyful, energetic, enthusiastic. ."

"I was in depression for five years but Sudarshan Kriya has made me relax completely. This is the best way to forget about all the negativity around me and be free with myself. Now, I don't need medicines anymore and have started enjoying my life fully."

Sudarshan Kriya is taught in the Happiness program of the Art of Living that spans a few hours daily, in three to six consecutive days - depending on the format. After completion of the program, weekly follow-ups are available at your convenience in our 3000+ centers worldwide.

The Art of Living foundation is an educational and humanitarian non-governmental organisation engaged in stress management and service initiatives. Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living has touched the lives of 370 million people across 152 countries.

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