Eco Bags

12th of Aug 2012

Eco Bags' promotes ecofriendly cloth bags. It is believed that each bag indeed makes a difference. As a social initiative, Eco Bags is aiming to provide their cloth bags to shops and stores in bulk quantities, so also to supermarkets, hotels, malls and other organizations directed towards change. 'Eco Bags' is an initiative supported by some students living in Thane. Parth and Varad have put their mind to the project with a number of other students, Jai, Sharvari, Sanjana, Kiran, Shreya, and Priyesh, Past and Present, associated with this project.

Eco Bags is working in collaboration with the Art of living foundation and is part of the Sri Sri Rural Development Program in Mumbai. These bags that you see in the picture are all made by the underprivileged women in Kandivali. They work hard to make these bags and earn themselves a living. As a result, women are also financially empowered and it makes it easier for them to create a self-identity and self-worth in society. Coming to birth in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of living foundation is a non-governmental organization engaged in stress management and service initiatives. Eco Bags is but one example of its projects, mostly spread far and wide. It is an educational and humanitarian NGO. This organization operates globally in 152 countries.

Eco Bags was launched for self-expression and as a community upliftment project. It also helps women to become leaders of their own lives, of their will.

Have we ever seen the kind of stuff we chuck away as useless? If this stuff was put up in heaps, it'd still be sold at 50% discount. Not only do we need to understand what goes into the making of the things we buy, but also need to know and be aware of our responsibility to the environment. Some teens here have paved the way through example. Will we pick up on these clues and make for a greener life? Before it gets too late to apologize to the environment, let's make that change!