Global Meditating Doctors Association

Under the guidance of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar the The Sri Sri Global Meditating Doctors Association was formed with an aim to bring together doctors from different schools of thought.

Started in 2006, the SGMDA offers a common platform for all the different branches of medicine to come together and do activities common to their profession. This includes holding charitable medical camps, conducting research on the effects of Sudarshan Kriya and meditation and to spread awareness about the medical benefits of spirituality among the medical fraternity.

Recently, the Sri Sri GMDA conducted a total of 81 medical camps in the month of May all over India. These camps were generally held in slum areas and villages where medical services were not easily available. Thousands of people benefited from the camps. In Delhi itself, more than 1300 people attended the camps.

Doctors from various schools of thought like allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy and yunani medicine came together to hold these camps. The patients were provided general medical services, eye treatment, cardiology checkups, ENT checkups, Gynecological advise etc. Wherever there was need, medications were given and the patients were referred to major hospitals for further treatment. Most patients reported that they were happy and satisfied with the diagnosis.

The aim of this organization is not to hold camps once, in a hit and run fashion, but to recognize areas where people are most in need. This way they can then have regular medical camps in those areas. It is an ongoing process which requires constant and regular supervision.

“When medical camps are held consistently in a particular place over a period of time, the first step is to solve the everyday problems like cough, sinus and other common diseases. Only then can one move on to cure more serious and chronic problems. Once the basic health is restored, they can then move forward to start suggesting and making lifestyle changes that promote a healthy living. The last step would be to create a society that is not only physically healthy but mentally happy and in turn supportive of each other. That is the final aim of this association.” says Dr. Priyadarshan the secretary of the association and the coordinator in charge of the medical camps.

The organization aspires to create an alternative voluntary based option where all the doctors would every month devote time, and travel to nearby areas for selfless service to the underprivileged section of society.

“In being a part of the Sri Sri GMDA for the past six years, I realized that people are ready to serve. They want to serve, but do not have a compatible platform that lets them do so. As an individual one can take medical camps. But by coming together they can do much more.” He adds.

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Writer: Asmita Aarshi,Graphics: Gurudatt Anvekar