Guru Stories : Swami Paramtej

Swami Paramtej shares some of his experiences that happened during Sri Sri’s visit to South America.

1. The first big program in Argentina was in Córdoba and we had about 20,000 people already signed up on our website to attend the program. And it was a very different day. It was raining and it was so cold that our breath was fogging. I thought was that there would probably be a turnout of 500 or 1000 people because the weather was so bad. But to my shock there were about 10,000 people waiting in the rain and in the cold to see Gurudev. They were sitting for nearly two hours. The program was scheduled to include a meditation and Gurudev said we can’t meditate in this weather. But the people told him they wanted to and they actually meditated despite the rain and the cold. There were tears in their eyes because they were waiting for years to have a glimpse of him. It was amazing to see such love and devotion.

In another program in Uruguay, the hall we had booked could accommodate 3500 people. But it was packed one and a half hours before the program, which over 8000 people ultimately attended.

2. Once we were in a meeting with Gurudev where there were over a 1000 people. Gurudev was talking when suddenly he stopped and asked ,‘How many people are hungry here?’. Since the meeting was after lunch, the question was unexpected. He continued, saying, ‘I could feel that a few people are hungry’ and began pointing out those people who had not eaten. Then he started distributing some fruits, chocolates and cookies that he had. It is amazing to be in such a time with somebody who is so caring and can feel whatever is going on inside us.

3. Almost everybody in Argentina knew about Gurudev’s visit and that there would be a meditation for peace. And one day we were travelling in a taxi when the taxi driver told us ‘We are so fortunate that a messenger of peace is coming to help us and guide us through meditation’ and shared that over the past  week he had stopped eating non-vegetarian food, smoking cigarettes and drinking for because he was preparing himself to meditate with Gurudev.


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