How to Meditate?

There are many ways you can learn to meditate but one of the easiest ways to meditate (especially when you are a beginner) is through a guided meditation.

Since you are only just beginning to learn to meditate, following the below steps will help you with your first meditation!

Prepare for your Meditation

As a beginner it is very important to create an environment conducive for a comfortable and an effortless meditation.

Click to know the Tips to Prepare Yourself for Meditation.

Sit with Your Eyes Closed

Once you have prepared for your meditation and are ready, you can sit with your eyes closed and start with gently taking your attention to your breath.

The idea is to allow the chattering in your mind to fade away.

Click on the Guided Meditation

Normally with regular practice or having learnt meditation from a trained teacher, you would be able to meditate on your own. But since you have just begun, we have prepared a guided meditation for you

The voice in the guided meditation will guide you to meditate for the next 10 minutes. All you have to do is keep sitting with your eyes closed and follow the instructions.

You will be given an instruction to open the eyes at the end of the meditation.


Learn How to Meditate on Your Own in Just 6 Hours

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