Top Four Lesser Known Ways to Beat Anxiety

Have we sometimes found ourselves caught up in the cycle of fearing the unknown and anticipating the worst? Try this: Hold your fist very tightly, as tight as you can. And then release! What was more comfortable, holding your fist tightly or letting go? Isn’t it natural for us to feel better when we are not holding on to something tightly? But most of us keep holding on to our fears and anxiety?

We want to drop our anxiety but no matter how much we tell ourselves that worrying is not going to help, we still end up worrying. And that’s why we bring you some lesser known yet very effective ways to cope up with anxiety.

1.Give Yourself Much-deserved Rest From Anxiety With Meditation

Anxiety can be caused by multiple factors, including stress due to overwork, illness, a poor diet, poor sleeping habits, emotional distress, sensitivity to noise, and phobia like fear of the dark, or simply the pressure to achieve a lot in a very short time. Whatever be the reason, meditation can be of great help.

When you meditate, you are able to give deep rest to your otherwise restless mind. Our stress activates our stress hormones, keeping us anxious. Regular meditation significantly lowers these stress hormones and makes us feel relaxed. After meditation, the only thing you’ll lose is your worries. But make sure you meditate regularly. Every day adds to your confidence and brings you real inner freedom.

Tip for You

In case you have difficulty sleeping at night, we have a meditation for that too – an easy and non-medicinal way to slip into deep sleep. To know more about meditation for better sleep, click here.

2.Chase Your Worries Away With The Spirit Of Enthusiasm

Do you remember going to your best friend’s birthday party as a kid? Wasn’t it amazing to just be there among happy people, with enthusiasm at its peak? You probably felt so nice that you didn’t even want to come back. Those were moments free of anxiety. You cannot be worrying and celebrating at the same time.

It is easy to understand how this works: when we come together to do something, we are filled with enthusiasm. This charges us up with energy. Anxiety, which is associated with low energy, then disappears.

Sri Sri says, “Life is love, life is joy, life is enthusiasm”. With regular practice of meditation, you’ll be able to calm your mind and naturally feel that life is a celebration – full of love, joy, and enthusiasm.

3.Freedom From Pills With Side-effects

Have you been taking anxiety-reducing pills at night? Probably because you fear a thief might break into your house, the ground may start shaking spontaneously, or you might have an illness from touching the door knob?

Has your medicine relieved you of anxiety forever or is it just a temporary solution? These medicines don’t come without a warning slip. Some natural alternatives without the side-effects are more effective and recommended. It is suggested that you take natural herbs like Narayan Kalpa, which acts on one’s nervous system and also provides relief from restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia.

Your anxiety could be a result of hormonal imbalance too. For this, you must consult a doctor, preferably Ayurvedic (Nadi Parikshak) or homeopathic, as the medicines they prescribe have minimal or no side-effects.

Tip for You

Its advisable to keep a check on your diet – consume more fresh and healthy vegetarian food, drink lots of water, and eat only when you are hungry. Give 20 minutes every day to stretch yourself with yoga to get your mind and body in shape along with your daily meditation. It is recommended to meditate with a light stomach. Check out yoga poses for thyroid treatment.

4.Make Your Worries Bigger!

Are you worrying about a severed relationship, no hike in salary, and your competitors? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “We should start worrying about the whole world instead of ourselves”. If we’ve got to worry, why not worry for the greater good of people? Now, worrying doesn’t make any difference—working does. And this effort can help you get out of anxiety too. Would you like to know how selfless service can help you get out of anxiety?

People who are less privileged than us cannot enjoy the pleasures of life as we do. Even a small selfless gesture can make a lot of difference in their lives. To know that you are the reason for someone’s happiness can make you so happy. This enthusiasm will help you keep emotions like anxiety and fear at bay. Small acts like tutoring a needy student or providing health services to the poor makes a lot of difference.

Make sure you meditate after seva, else you will experience burnout. In fact, meditating after seva will make meditation deeper.

Tip for You: Instantaneous relief from fear and anxiety

Try the Hmm process for immediate relief from fear and anxiety. You can do it anywhere.

Have you meditated today? If not, meditate now.

Written by Ravisha Kathuria

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