Top 7 Secrets That Every Budding Fashion Stylist Must Know (Part 2)

This is continued from Top 7 Secrets That Every Budding Fashion Stylist Must Know

#4 Wearing Many Hats

You can't agree more when you are told that stylists have no choice but to wear many hats at work. You might be experiencing it firsthand. For instance, if you have a shoot, you will have to arrange all these: source dresses and accessories, get them laundered, repack and return them in a respectable way (so that the suppliers would wish to do business with you next time!). The stress that these and a million other details bring can take a toll on your creativity, which means poor productivity.

The good news is that you can manage stress (which is inevitable in your job!) if you start meditating regularly. Meditation makes you internally calm. You are able to be centered in extreme situations that life and work has to offer. If things go wrong, you understand that panicking is not the way out. Looking at your problems broadmindedly can help you come up with innovative solutions.

Being calm also helps you avoid taking rash decisions that you would have regretted later.

#5 Be A Reflection Of Your Art

For a stylist, it is as important to dress themselves stylishly as it is to dress others. Your appearance is the mirror of your styling sense, and that's what the world sees. "But, while you are well dressed, you needn't be expensively dressed", suggests Ami Patel. You need to be decently and stylishly dressed to make an impression. Just a scarf around your neck can add so much to your look. What bling-blings might not always be stylistic gold . Now, we leave it to your imagination to figure out how you can make even simple attires look stylish.

#6 Be Centered To Be Able To See Glamour At All Times

As a budding stylist, if you have been lucky enough to see success fairly early in your career, then there are chances that you may get overwhelmed by the glamour it brings along. This isn't healthy for growth and should be avoided. As a stylist, the sky is the limit, and that calls for being anchored amid the feats and fame you enjoy and the challenges you face.

"Meditation stops your mind from being swayed in different directions and getting flipped around by the good and the bad that happens in life. It makes you rise above things like grand fashion shows and tame flops on the ramp. It keeps you grounded and makes you realize that there is more to life than just success and failure", quotes Ami Patel, who has been meditating for 14 years now.

Being centered when your styling sense is the talk of the town, and even when your style wasn't featured in the past few months, is the road to long-term sustainable success. That's because when you are grounded, you will do what is right, undeterred by situations and events.

#7 Get Inspired To Create Your Own Style Statement

We asked Ami if a stylist, while emulating their idols in the early years of their career, can still create their own style statement. Her answer was an unequivocal "yes!".

Here's how:

"There is a difference between inspiration and copying. It isn't necessary that you copy something that you are inspired by. You can think 'Oh, this is so beautiful'. You get that 'Ah!' feeling, and that feeling leads to something that is within you and brings out something that is very different and unique. You don't have to copy something blindly. By getting inspired, you can find creativity that is yours alone."