Navratri Celebrations 2011 - Advance Meditation Course


Navratri Advanced Meditation Course (AMC)

"What I would suggest is to take one week off every year for yourself, laike you take your car for servicing. During that time, align yourself with nature, wake up with the sunrise, do some exercise, eat proper food, just as much food as necessary, some yoga, and some breathing exercises, a few minutes of singing, and keeping silence, enjoying the creation. Aligning ourselves with nature, our whole system gets recharged, it makes the whole year. We feel so vibrant and enthusiastic."

- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living

The Advanced Meditation Course is an opportunity to experience powerful silence along with the deep serenity of 'hollow and empty' meditations. The practice of silence has been known throughout the ages, in many different traditions and cultures, as a great tool for elevating consciousness. When profound meditations are added to this silence we find that our ever-changing thoughts come to a rest and our mind becomes clear, giving rise to a sense of natural joy. Increased awareness and an unshakable sense of stability come into our lives and stay for long periods of time after the course. Each Advanced Meditation Course is an invitation to dive deep into the Self and enjoy a perfect vacation for mind, body and spirit.