Navratri participants arrival details

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There are 4 things covered on this page, please go through all of them:

  1. Documents to be scanned and to be sent at the earliest.
  2. The Schedule at Ashram
  3. Languages & Translations
  4. Data entry of your Arrival details

1. Documents to be scanned and to be sent at the earliest

Please reply to this email id ( with the below mentioned documents ( latest by 30 Sep ):

Mention your Registration ID ( explain registration id ) on top of the C form (in front of Sl. no.) Reply our emails with the name you registered & your registration ID as the subject line. eg. Subject: "Allen Smith - 50489" 

Please send ALL the documents together only ! Even if it means to send it after 30th Sep ( in case your Visa is not ready ).

2. The Schedule at Ashram

  • The first event of the Navratri package would begin on 15th Oct Evening onwards. We would be having an orientation to the Ashram on the evening of 15th Oct ( usually after Satsang i.e. around 8 pm).

  • The Silence program would begin on 16th Morning at 6 am. This program would continue upto 19th Oct.

  • From 20th - 23rd Oct there would be Navratri Poojas and Homas, the timings of the homas are given on

  • You can get to know more about the significance of each of the homas and Sankalpa on

  • If you wish to know more about Navratri at Ashram in General, you may have a look at

  • A comprehensive FAQ page has been made specially to answer to common queries. You can go through it on

  • Although all Homas have their own significance, the main Homa ( called the Chandi Homa ), would be happening on 22nd Oct. The last Homa of Navratri 2012 would finish on 23rd Oct by afternoon. After the Homa finishes, for all practical purposes the Navratri Celebrations come to an end. If you wish to return back your country at this time you may choose to do so, however, your stay at ashram is valid until 25th afternoon. You may also choose to exercise the following options:

  • Travel around Bangalore/India. Sumeru Travels ( ) can help you book trips if need be.

  • Join some program like Art of Living Yoga 1 / Ayur Jagruti etc. (Your stay till 25th Oct is taken care of, however, you would have to additionally register for the programs upon arrival if interested to join. )

Programs that are happening Immediately after Navratri (for which registrations are still open ) are:

Program From Till Pre-Requisite Registration
Blessing Program 26th Oct '12 28th Oct '12 Two AMC/Part 2 
Art of Living Yoga Level 2 27th Oct '12 30th Oct '12 Art of Living Yoga Level 1/ Part 1 or YES!+
Guru Puja Phase 1 27th Oct '12 1st Nov '12 TTC-1 + 2 AMC + Sahaj Samadhi OR 4 AMC + Sahaj Samadhi Contact for registration procedures
Guru Puja Phase 2 3rd Nov '12 5th Nov ' 12 Gurupuja Phase-1 + 6 months' gap Contact for registration procedures

3. Languages & Translations

The Silence program would be conducted in English. However, at Satsangs, Gurudev and other speakers may also speak in Hindi. There would be translation into English at all times. However, you would need to carry your own radio ! Most of the phones have a radio, but you would need to carry the earphones. If your phone doesn't have one, we strongly recommend you to BUY one for your self and get it here. Radios are not available at Ashram !

For people who do not understand English, we will do our best to arrange for a translator. Usually, we easily find a translator for countries with big groups. The big groups are from Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia and Taiwan this time. We would be looking for a translators for other languages also. If you are coming in a group and can find a translator among yourself and inform us the same, it would be of great help to us.

*If your country has arranged for a specific Translation System, then you would need to get that equipment.

4. Enter your Arrival details (please fill the form in english only)