Quit smoking and party every day!

The two sides of partying

Few deny the joy and benefit of partying. We relax. We come together as one and put aside our differences. We sing, dance, celebrate. And yet it has become a common practice to combine all these positive activities with activities we know to be unhealthy like smoking, drinking and taking drugs. We feel we can’t relax and say ‘Hi’ to a stranger without a beer. We feel we wouldn’t be able to dance without getting high. The Art of Living has never been moralistic about these unhealthy habits, on the contrary it is clear that the goal of drinking is a proper one – to free your mind from painful thoughts of the past. And if you have been taught no other way of relaxing and bring your mind into the present moment that drinking – what can you do? Smokers often say that when they ‘pop out’ for a smoke, they feel an intimate bond with the other smokers. So drinkers and smokers are just looking for peace of mind and intimacy, a feeling of oneness. How can we achieve these things without damaging our health and dulling our minds with addictive substances?

Satsang – party healthy!

The atmosphere at satsang - just check out any of the pictures or films in this satsang section - is so intense that no substances are needed to relax, dance, meet new people and feel as one. When you party healthy, you do not party once a week, or twice a month (and then spend the rest of the weekend suffering from hangover!) – you can (and should!) party every day! Several countries around the world are discovering that partying healthy brings more joy, more friendship, deeper living. Any way who wants to be a raggedy thirty-something from abusing your body? Healthy is cool. Healthy is beautiful. [link text to Yoga Rave and Pure party and other articles on health benefits]