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Daily Quotes from Sri Sri

How Others Have Benefitted From Sri Sri's Wisdom:
  • Pramod Kumar Desai
  • Each knowledge drop from Guruji is very significant in life. Life has changed dramatically with this knowledge. It is as important as breathing in my life.
  • Vijay Zala
  • I was bit depressed today but after reading this I felt energetic. Whenever I read anything that Guruji has said, I feel better. There is so much power and truth in Guruji's words.
  • Nina
  • Thank you Guruji. All your posts help me look at the hurt and my anger caused by everyday behaviour of others. Your wisdom helps me see these mental states, and blow them away, like air.
  • Nataraj T S
  • It is enlightening and enlivening. Calms the soothes the mind. Like a mental massage.
  • Nikhil
  • I am amazed with the timing and the subject of these wisdom emails! Every time when I open these emails I find that it has solutions or some pointers to think around the problem or issue that's going on in my mind during that time... It surely happens for a good reason and thats why I keep waiting for reading these pearls of wisdom from Guruji. Can't thank Guruji enough for all the blessings and love showered on me. Jai Gurudev!
  • Aruna
  • What ever the reason, I am not able to spend more time in the physical presence of GURUJI. But, through these posts I am feeling his presence and so happy and happily waiting for the next POST. I have no words more than these to express.