Revolution to save the life of life savers

200 People Vow to Adopt 25 Trees Each, Arni, Tamil Nadu

Trees, a source of energy, have been cut down in large number, which is a danger to the survival of all: human beings as well as animals. Global warming is also an unfortunate result. The Art of Living has been involved in preserving and planting trees through its different initiatives and plantation drives like "Mission Green Earth". With the inspiration of Param Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, Simple Solutions for Climate Change - a conference held to create awareness of simple environmental care techniques among people was initiated on january 30, 2011.

"People should be encouraged to treat the plant as sacred, to treat trees and rivers as sacred, and to see God in nature and in people. This will foster sensitivity and a sensitive person can't but care for nature." - Param Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji

Motivated by this conference Arni, a village in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu saw a massive tree plantation drive. 1000 trees were planted there on March 5, 2011. This drive was followed by few lectures on environmental care.

"Villages are more green than cities and the villagers are more willing to participate in green initiatives than urban people. We need to involve more and more people to work for a green and clean india . As climate has no physical borders the effect will also do good to cities." - Arvind, Organizer

Over 200 people from the area were a part of the drive. Youth was seen taking more interest in the program, 70% of the participants in the drive were below 30 years of age. Villagers along with the volunteers of the Art of Living planted variety of trees, which included Laxmi Taru, Pungemia, Neem, Gulmohor and Peepal.

The residents of Arni vowed to adopt 25 trees each, along with the maintenance of the trees which have been planted. To this Laxmi Taru and Peepal trees were distributed in the area