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  1. Gurudev, what is the real meaning and importance of Rudra Pooja? And what happens to the people or the place?

    all the chants? I will say, ’I also don’t know.’ It’s the vibration of the chants that is important ... Even for numbers they say, ‘ Ekaachame ’, which means, one, two, three, four, they are all my form; ... all the good things in the universe, let them all come to me, and they are all part of me. That is it. ...
  2. Gurudev, I don’t understand Sanskrit since I am from outside India. Could we have some session to understand Sanskrit better?

    Sanskrit in it. Even the names of months are in Sanskrit only. November, December, January, all these ... there is no need to understand much! All that we need to do here is just enjoy the vibes of the sound ...
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