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  1. Dear Guruji, when there is One consciousness alone that exists, now and ever since we know, then how was Man created from it and why? There must be some reason.

    Oh! It (consciousness) got bored of being by itself, all alone! So it thought, ‘I will become many.’ That One consciousness had this thought and everything came into existence.
    Now whether this is right or wrong, you decide! ...
  2. Dear Gurudev, I understand that every happening in the Universe is with the knowledge of the Divine. Why then does he increase the crime rate and then counteract it with measures of good virtues. Kindly explain.

    There are many questions like this. Why did God place both eyes in front? He should have kept one in the front and one at the back. Then you would not have to turn back and see. You could go sideways, isn’t it?
    God lacks some ideas I think.
    If yo ...
  3. Gurudev, my brother and me received the same upbringing, but at the same time we both are very different, how is it like that?

    This is very deep science. You need to think about it some time.

    The microcosm and the macrocosm are united. In fact it is only one thing. But there is a link from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Every little grain on this planet is linked to the unive ...

  4. What is the purpose of this creation?

    What is the purpose of any sports?
    (Answer: To win or entertain)
    Yes, just entertainment, or fun, isn’t it! Same way!

    It is just that the Brahman was One in the beginning and he felt a little bored, so he said, ‘Let me become many.’ As ...

  5. Dear Gurudev, can you please tell us more about the lineage of the masters?

    Well, we do not know when it exactly began, since it goes back many thousands of years.

    The knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, and the knowledge that the whole of the universe is created by One energy, has been passed down thro ...

  6. Since we are ‘Om’ (the primordial sound of Creation), does ‘Om’ refer to the sound vibration, or the principle that ‘Om’ represents, or the effect of ‘Om’ after the vibration ceases? In other words, since ‘Om’ creates peace; so it is that peace that we are, or are we the creation (result) of that peace?

    All that is said, and all that is unsaid, is all ‘Om’. All that is clear and all that is confused (unclear) is also ‘Om’. Is it clear now, or is it still confusing? It is still all ‘Om’ (laughter).

    Anything that you say or you don’t say is all ‘ ...

  7. Gurudev, what is Om? Who started Om?

    Om is the essence of creation, like the seed of a tree.
    In the seed, the whole tree is there, right? You sow a mango seed and the whole mango tree comes. This is the reason why mantras are called bij mantra (bij means seed). Om is the param ...
  8. Gurudev, what is atma and paramatma and what is the relation between the two? And who are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva?

    It is said that in the beginning there was just energy. That one energy, that one Divine light thought, I am alone, let me multiply into many. Eko'ham bahu syam (I am one, may I be many), and it assumed the form of Para Shakti ( ...
  9. When the purpose of life is to realize that we are part of the Supreme Consciousness and to ultimately merge with the Divine, then why did God divide Himself into many souls at the beginning?

    Well, God has His own logic and His own ways. What is the point of you asking this question now? It is too late! (Laughter) You know, you can think about it this way: if only air had different colours.
    In the olden days, you had these Shantara ...
  10. Gurudev, one day you spoke about duality and non duality with examples of door and window and seeing all as wood. So where does the philosophy of Vishisht Advaita (a sub-school of thought of the Vedanta philosophy) fit in with the same example?

    Well, Vishisht Advaita says that both (the duality and non-duality of Creation and Consciousness) are true. So as per Vishishta Advaita, that is also true and this is also true. Advaita usually doesn’t consider the other things as tr ...

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