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  1. Gurudev, What is the difference between sin and an immoral act? What and who defines morality?

    Sin means that which bothers you and creates guilt in you. Anything that brings pain to you and to others. Sin is that which brings long-term pain to oneself and others. What is merit? That which brings happiness and contentment to you and to everyone else ...
  2. Dear Gurudev, I am really worried about my family. They are caught up in a dark world of lies, manipulation and money. I have had to completely break contact with them and it breaks my heart. They do not listen to me and I see bad consequences in store for them. It is hard to watch all this. Do you have any advice?

    First of all, don’t cut-off from them. At least don’t give them the feeling that you don’t care about them and are cut-off from them. That is not going to help them. It is your innate nature to help and you want to help them. For some ...

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