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  1. Gurudev, it is often said that these are bad times for good people. We see this in our society that many times the wrong people end up winning and dominating others and come out as winners. They seem to be enjoying their life. What should we do?

    Yes, you said it yourself. They only seem to be enjoying their life, but it is very temporary. See, when someone has to suffer greatly, they first climb to a greater height and then they fall. All such people who rise through wrong d ...
  2. Gurudev, I asked my friend, 'Why do bad people get good things?' He said, 'They are enjoying stale food from previous lifetimes'. Are we supposed to have everything without knowing why?

    Suffering comes on two counts:1. Ignorance – we are miserable due to our ignorance2. Old karmas - we are experiencing something to pay off some old karmas.These are the only two reasons. It is okay if some ch ...
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