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  1. Kick the Ball and Be in the Goal

    Do you know why the earth is shaped like a globe? (Silence) So you can kick it and it will roll away! (Laughter) From the moment you wake up in the morning you are always with people and your mind is caught up in worldly thoughts. So sometime during the d ...
  2. The Secret to a Permanent Smile

    One who is completely enlightened has no needs and no responsibilities. Also one who is inert has no needs and no responsibilities. In between these two, everyone has some needs and some responsibilities. If you sit and make a note of all your responsibil ...
  3. If in service to the Guru, household responsibilities stand in between, what to do?

    No, it cannot come in between. Guru will only tell you to fulfill your responsibilities in the proper way. All the Gurus will say the same thing, do your household responsibilities well, but sit for some time and do meditation taking some time out for your ...
  4. I had my Upanayanam many years ago but I never quite understood the significance of the ceremony, the thread and Sandhyavandanam. Can you please explain? Isn’t Kriya enough, why Sandhyavandanam?

    Yes, you do Kriya, that is good enough and afterwards if you are being initiated, do the Gayatri Japa.
    Gayatri Japa means – Let my intellect be inspired by the Divine.
    It is our intellect which blocks the vast Divinity from e ...
  5. What is Dharma?

    Dharma is something that upholds you, prevents you from falling and helps you to come up. ...
  6. (A member of the audience spontaneously asked a question which was inaudible in the recording)

    You have no choice. Do you have any choice? Sooner or later everybody has to do that.
    You cannot take credit for your good qualities because that is how you are. Now this sunflower cannot say, ‘I am yellow.’ It didn’t do anything to become yellow. It i ...
  7. Gurudev, why did Arjuna ask a doubt only on the battlefield and not when he had ample time with Lord Krishna before coming to the war?

    Listen, Arjuna did not even ask a doubt, he simply said, 'I do not want to fight', that is it.

    It was Krishna who first asked the question. He said, 'Arjuna, you are miserable, you are crying for things which you should not cry for, and you are talkin ...

  8. Whenever I am in the ashram I don't feel like going back to the materialistic world. Sometimes the responsibility of the family becomes an obstacle. How to overcome that?

    You need to charge your mobile phone with the charger, but you don't leave the phone on the charger, otherwise how will you use it?!
    Similarly, when your charge is down, you have to come here again and charge yourself. For me the whole world is my ash ...
  9. Can we ask you some rapid fire questions?

    Yes, go ahead.

    Who are you?
    Good Question to ask yourself.

    Who were you in your past life?
    That is a secret, I will tell you some other time.

    What is and who is God?
    What and who is not God.

    How should we feel god? ...

  10. How do I know which political party to vote for?

    In my opinion, first we should not let anybody remain in power for too long. We should keep changing parties. Power corrupts people. Even good people become bad. Therefore, we should give holidays to everybody, and let them churn themselves. Without giving ...
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