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  1. The more and more my love blossoms for the Divine, the harder I find it to give away my pains and worries. How can we give garbage to the most precious ones?

    Never mind. Divine will take it.
    He will snatch it from you if you don’t want to give it to him.
    As long as there is a connection, there is always give and take. You will always receive blessings. You will always receive bliss and unwanted things ...
  2. Guruiji, when we are here, you don’t even turn to look at us. Why is this?

    No one can escape my sight. If you are looking at me I don’t need to look at you. When you look somewhere else, then I look at you. ...
  3. Who is the ideal devotee?

    You, who is asking this question.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t question your devotion. I would say we should never doubt our devotion. Take it for granted that you are devoted.
    No child ever asks the mother, ‘do you love me?’ The mothe ...
  4. Gurudev, when Krishna was there, the Gopas and Gopis were also there with Krishna. My heart knows who Krishna is now, but are we the same Gopas and Gopis?

    What if you are someone new. Why do you have to be the same ones? Could be! You could be the same ones!
    See, the knowledge is eternal and feelings are eternal too. Now don’t tell me, ‘Guruji, you said feelings are temporary, they come and go!’
    I ...
  5. Gurudev, you love everyone. Then why do I feel that you love me the most?

    That's a secret. Don't tell anyone! It is true, but it is not meant to be shared with everyone! The absolute truth! ...
  6. Gurudev, what should I do to become your favorite disciple?

    Just keep doing whatever you are doing, you are already my favorite! Do seva, sadhana, keep coming to satsang, become a teacher. Do good to others.
    My disciple itself means my favorite. There is nothing like favorite disciple and non-favorite disciple ...
  7. Gurudev, you embrace terrorists and Naxalites, and you don’t even look in my direction. Sometimes out of love for you, the thought arises that I should become someone like them.

    You are so close to me, how do I look at you? One who is far away only comes in the line of sight; is visible. How to look at one who is already standing so close to me?
    I am in your heart, and you are in my heart, so where is the need to hug? ...
  8. Gurudev, I am following you with all my heart for the last 4 years and I have started growing a beard and wearing white clothes. My parents and wife are very unhappy with me.

    You don’t need to do all that. Shave off your beard and wear normal colored clothes and be normal.
    Role model does not mean you have to wear the same type of clothes and everything. No! Be compassionate, be loving and do all the good work you need to ...
  9. How can I know you as tattva’? How can I live with you 24/7, experience you and love you? I do not want to miss this lifetime opportunity.

    Just relax! Love is not an action. You don’t try to love somebody. You just relax knowing that love is there. ...
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