Suniti Damani: Women’s 9-ball National Champion Conquering Dreams with a Calm Mind

Suniti Damani, the new women’s 9-ball national champion 2011 and Runner-up in the 8-ball Pool, dedicates her success to the Art of Living. With this victory she has also entered the Philippines Open 10-ball world-ranking meet which is in Manila from April 7-11, 2011.

The young and vibrant Art of Living Teacher Suniti said, “The meditation and yoga that I’ve been doing for the last four years has made such a huge difference to my game and my personality.”

She shared that the breathing techniques keep her calm and focused thus she can handle pressure during the tournaments. She meditates for 20 minutes before every match. According to her it keeps her relaxed and gives her an edge over the other players. With a big smile on her face, she said, “It’s like an X-factor for me.”

According to Suniti the Art of Living course changed her approach towards life. She finds herself more positive and confident. Her mind stays calm and thus success is a by-product of the peace inside.

The positivity that she was talking about could be seen radiating from her personality and her words. The 30 years old champion said, “Meditation is very important in today’s world, which is losing ethics. When you meditate not only you benefit, society at large benefits.”

She suggests that all sportsmen should experience the Sudarshan Kriya as they have to handle high stress levels. To cope up with these stresses sportsmen get into addiction, which harms them physically as well as mentally, also harms there career in various manners. Sudarshan Kriya and meditation are techniques with which they can attain instant and long lasting relaxation.

Suniti also gave a message for the youth who a caught up in the highly competitive world. “Just chase a dream and go for it. Be confident, and the confidence should be more inside than outside. The inner strength shows your attitude towards your profession and towards life. Be an inspiration to people around.”