Through The Master's Eyes: Swami Shivchaitanya

Swami Shivchaitanya, teacher with the Art of Living, residing in the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore had the privilege of traveling with the Master. He shares stories that really touched his heart.

1) We were in Nepal and Sri Sri was supposed to attend a live session of the Sudarshan kriya the next day morning. But it was raining constantly in the night. We were wondering how the kriya would happen if it continued raining like this because the venue was an open ground. Guruji had already retired for the night and we all gathered outside his door wondering how we could pass on the message that this was happening.

Then, once Guruji opened the door, we told him that it was raining very heavily.  He simply said,' that's ok let's go'.So we went to the ground though it was raining throughout the way as well. When we reached we saw that there wasn't a single drop of water on the ground though it was raining all around. The kriya began and  when it was ending, it just began to drizzle. Nothing happened until the kriya was over. But as soon as Guruji left, it started pouring on the ground. I witnessed this.

2) Once at a large gathering in the North East, there were some chain snatchers in the crowd and many people lost their chains. Guruji was also worried. And then one lady came to him and told him that her chain had been stolen. He just removed the chain he was wearing, and gave it to her. He did not stop to think for a moment.

3) I was working with the housing department in the ashram at one time.One night Guruji called me and told me that some people a particular room were facing some trouble and asked me to go sort it out.  It was around 12:30 a.m. so  we thought everybody would be sleeping. But when when we went there we saw that nobody was able to sleep because there were mosquitoes. So we brought some mosquito repellents and finally they were able to sleep.

4) We had two satsangs in Nepal. One was in Lumbini, where it was raining throughout and people sat in the satsang with umbrellas. Another was in this really hot place. The venue was an open ground and we didn't have much of an option at that time. Somehow we managed to cover only the stage. Everything else was open. People had arrived hours earlier and were sitting in the heat, waiting for Guruji . When Guruji came, he saw this and spent the next hour along with everybody in the heat.

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