Tu Cheng Detention Center, TAIPEI

In Taipei a total of 51 incarcerated women completed the course.

Ling Fang shares:

"Before taking the class, I was living in fear and depression to the point that I was thinking of committing suicide. However, after the course, I found that my short-temperedness had a big change and my body felt more comfortable. The discomfort in my mind and heart had a big improvement. Thinking about it, to be able to participate in the course today I feel very lucky."


Parish Prison, New Orleans

Starting on challenging Ground

The post Katrina facilities in New Orleans Parish Prison were 6 ‘tents’ of inmates. The Art of Living offered it’s PRISON SMART program only to inmates of tent number 7 to keep it manageable.

Participants taking to the course

The course was held over a 7-day period where inmates participated in group discussions, yoga, and meditation. The participants had homework between the sessions, and completed not only the assignment, but sometimes more than what was asked for. All the participants practiced the breathing techniques with very positive and visible results.

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