You made me, what I am !!!

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You Make Me think the Way You want and Tell me thoughts are Meaningless !
You Make Me Lose My Senses and tell me to be more sensitive !
You Make Me Broaden My Vision and Tell me this is all an illusion !
You Take My Breath Away and tell me to just Breathe... !

You Make Me a People's Person and Tell me to be with My-self !
You Make Me go totally Crazy and Tell me not to get Excited !
You Make Me Lose My Mind and tell me to be Aware of it !
You Take My Belongings away and put me where I Belong... !

You Make Me Laugh and Cry and tell me Love is not an Emotion !
You Make Me get everything I want and tell me I need Nothing !
You Make Me Fall in Love with U and tell me I am U !
You Take Me everywhere with U and make me feel soo Divine... !

YES! You were the one who made Me and tell me it all just Happened !!