30 July 2013 - QA 1

Religion has become an obstacle in my life. I cannot move forward. What should I do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Never mind. Move from religion to spirituality. You are a spiritual being, and that is good enough. Every religion has some nice things to offer. Take a little bit from all the religions in the world and move on. You don’t have to be stuck with it. Don’t worry.

Nothing can be an obstacle if you don’t allow it. It is you, your own mind which makes it into an obstacle. It is because you have been put with the guilt, that maybe you’re sinning against god. How can being spiritual be a sin! How could being happy be a sin. How could being loving and doing good in the world be a sin? How could becoming still, calm and being devoted be a sin?

It is guilt and the fear of sin that has been induced into the minds of people, 'Oh don’t do this, God will punish you'. A sense of complete desperation and weakness comes.

I tell you, you are all like diamonds. You are the deep spirit of joy and love. God won’t be angry at you for doing Yoga and meditation. There are some people who spread these words that eastern things are satanic, that god will be angry at you. This is so stupid!

Yesterday, someone was telling me, 'Gurudev, my classmate got converted. He was baptized. Now when he comes to my home, he doesn't even take prasad (food offered to the lord). If I invite him for a wedding in a temple, he won't come with me to the temple because he feels that he will be betraying Christ if he goes to a temple. He will not even touch the food that is offered'.

This is so stupid. This is all wrong information. This is how guilt and fear is induced in them. This is wrong.

We should respect every religion, we should take everyone along.

I can guarantee you that God will not be angry at you, and you will not go to hell. So don’t worry about these people who induce such things. Move with conviction.