7 February 2013 - QA 8

In a country like India, especially Mumbai where I live, there is so much inequality that I feel embarrassed and guilty for what I have. Yet I have the ambition to earn money and live well. How to reconcile these two things?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Engage yourself in some service activity or another. It is good that something pricks you. That itself will motivate you to do something good for the society.
And earmark 2% or 3% of what you earn, because if we use all of what we earn only on ourselves, then that is not good. We will definitely feel uncomfortable. So we must earmark 10% or 5%, whatever you can for social causes, and go and help the children, and the people in the slums.

There is so much activity happening at Dharavi, you can be part of that.

When you see these young children grow up educated, you will feel immense satisfaction.

You don't need to feel guilty about having a comfortable home, and a good car.