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  1. Gurudev, Can ladies chant Gayatri mantra?

    Yes. Nowhere it is said that ladies cannot chant.
    It is unfortunate that somewhere in the middle ages, these rights of women were taken away. We have reinstated this in the Ashram. Many ladies are learning.

    See it was a male dominated society. The ...

  2. Gurudev, You just said that alcohol is the main reason behind the Delhi gang rape case. But today, there have been cases of young girls being raped by their own fathers. In those cases, it is not just alcohol. What is the bigger problem?

    Correct, it is not alcohol which is the main reason behind this case.

    Sex offenders have primarily three issue. One is hormone issues, where there could be some serious hormonal imbalances in them.
    Second is emotional disturbances. The person must ...

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