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  1. Gurudev, I don’t understand the relationship between the prana (life-force), body and soul. When an accident happens, the prana gets into problem. As soon as the Prana leaves the body the soul also leaves. So the soul is bound to the body and body to prana?

    Yes, you have said it. Prana connects the soul with the body. Prana leaves with the soul. Now, when there is smoke, there is fire. When there is fire, there is smoke. The relationship between soul and prana is like that of fire and smoke.

  2. Gurudev, could you please talk about the way prana prathistha is done? I have heard they put the idol into grains and water? Could you talk about the significance?

    Yes, the aagama literature has a lot of knowledge about it, how the prana (energy) is induced into a statue or an idol.
    In a temple, there are statues all over, everywhere, but they are not really worshipped. The one which is worshiped i ...
  3. Gurudev, do you read books?

    Usually I don’t read books at all but last year when I was taking a long flight, from Japan to Canada, I read a book someone gave me called The Proof of Heaven. This was written by a doctor who went into coma for 7 days. People thought his brain wa ...
  4. Gurudev, can you please talk about the Devi (a Divine stone bought to the Bangalore ashram)

    How many of you saw that?
    It is a stone, and if you ask it a question, such as, ‘Will it snow tomorrow? If it will snow then you become heavy, and if it will not snow, then you become light.’
    Then the stone will become very light if it is going t ...
  5. Dearest Gurudev, where do emotions and prana (life force) fit in the 7 layers of existence, and how do the 7 layers connect to the panchakoshas (the five sheaths)?

    Where do you want to fit it (emotions)? Mind is emotions and intellect is thoughts. Love is our very nature, it’s not just an emotion. Devotion is a flavor of love.
    Life is complicated. You cannot fit them in some structure. It is only a gentle unders ...
  6. Gurudev, what are the Panch Prana?

    The five types of prana in the body are Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana.
    Prana is the energy in the upper part of the body, in the region above the heart. If prana is too high or is imbalanced you cannot sleep.
    Apana ...
  7. How can we remove the physical desires that harm us and our relationships?

    By enhancing your prana.
    When there is lust, there is a feeling of wanting to grab. When there is love, there is a feeling of wanting to give.
    How can the feeling of lust be transformed to love? By raising the energy level in our system.
    Whe ...
  8. Dear Gurudev, you said there are different types of prana, could you please talk a little bit more about that?

    There are ten types of Prana (the subtle life force energy). Of these, there are five major and five minor kinds of Prana. Today let me just talk about the five major types of Prana.

    The first major type of Prana is called Prana

  9. When the mind is full of doubts or depressed, how do I convince myself that the fears that come up are not true?

    When the mind is full of doubts or is depressed, it means that the level of prana has come down. When the level of prana goes down, doubts arise and we become sad. So, the remedy is to increase the prana level, through pranayama, prope ...
  10. Dear Gurudev, how to get rid of doubting oneself, like our abilities, our capabilities and also faith in the master?

    Just increase the Prana that is it. When Prana goes down, self doubt arises. When self doubt arises naturally that doubt will be projected on the teacher and the master as well, and then on everybody, your friends and family. It gets projected on the whole ...
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