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  1. Gurudev, Sometimes my love for you brings me misery when I cannot be with you. My mind says you are everywhere, but my heart is not easily cajoled. What should I do?

    Just relax and keep yourself busy. There is so much seva that is needed in the world, so get on to that.
    Longing should be transformed into creativity. Longing can become an agent, a catalyst to bring out the creativity and dynamism in you. So use ...

  2. Gurudev, when longing becomes intense sometimes, it ends up with the feeling of anger or frustration. How to deal with it?

    Longing needs to be internalized, you need to go deep into meditation. Or give a creative form to it, write some poems or articles. Writing will help. You know, a lot of great works have come out of longing, whether it is painting, music, drama, literatur ...
  3. Gurudev, why does longing hurt so much? I am referring to the longing for the Divine and for the Infinity. Where have we come from?

    See, love and hurt are very close and go hand in hand.
    When you love someone, then you do get hurt sometimes. It happens this way, and we have to live through it. So do not run away from it.
    Getting hurt is a part of love.

    Today somebody cam ...

  4. Longing Itself Is Divine

    Longing itself is Divine. Longing for worldly things makes you inert. Longing for Infinity fills you with life. When longing dies, inertia sets in. But longing also brings along a sense of pain. To avoid the pain, you try to push away the longing. The ski ...
  5. Where Dispassion is Detrimental!

    Karthik: Is there something we should not be dispassionate about? Guruji: Myself! (laughter) Do not put off the fire of longing for the Divine or Satsang with Dispassion. There is a little fire in you that propels you towards Knowledge, Sadhana, Devotion ...
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