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  1. Gurudev, you consider everyone as the same, but when someone says that you are his/her Guru, I get very jealous. You belong to all of us, right? So how do I make this mind understand this? I can share everything with everyone, but how do I share you with others?

    If someone says ‘Guruji is mine’, you say that he is mine also! Who stopped you from doing that? If they say it once, you say it twice (Laughter). See, when you open the window of your house, the light of the sun enters your house through your windo ...
  2. Gurudev, I have often heard you say that when we come on the path and do seva, we find a family, belongingness and acceptance. This is not my experience. I feel like I do not belong here. I do not understand. Is there something lacking in me?

    When you feel distant from everybody that means you’re settling within yourself. It’s good, otherwise you get caught up with people around you.

    How many of you have good friends and then suddenly they become unfriendly? (Many raise their hands). ...

  3. The Dangers Of Belongingness and Advantages Of Obligations

    Belongingness can bring about a host of negative emotions. Like demand, jealousy, unawareness and lack of gratitude. Just look into your own life, you feel more grateful to strangers than the people you feel "belong" to you. Belongingness reduce ...
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