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  1. Gurudev, Ram took birth to destroy Ravana, Krishna took birth to destroy Kamsa, Ayyappa took birth to destroy Mahishi, Bhima took birth to destroy Keejakkan. Which demon are you going to destroy?

    Ignorance, corruption, dishonesty, cunningness; these are the things that clog society today.
    We don’t need to make an effort to destroy it, just spread the knowledge. Spread the light and the darkness will disappear.

    There ...

  2. Gurudev, what is the cause of ignorance? How to remove it?

    Ignorance is dispelled by knowledge.
    Now what is the cause of ignorance? It is just a vidhaan (ordinance). You might ask me, 'But why did it arise in the first place'. That is just how it is.
    It is like asking, 'Why the sky is so vast?' Th ...
  3. Gurudev, you spoke of the necessity to forgive those who have hurt and betrayed us. But what is more difficult for me is forgiving myself, and to let go of the guilt I feel from the hurt and betrayal I have caused others.

    If you find you have some sins, give it to me, I will take care of it. Don’t worry about it. You give me your past and I will take responsibility of your past. You have nothing to do about it.
    You are relieved of your past. Forget about it. Move ...
  4. Gurudev, how can I be free of ignorance?

    When you become aware that you were ignorant, that itself means that your ignorance is gone. An ignorant person does not think of himself as ignorant at all. Just like how you realize you were asleep after you wake up, in the same way, an ignorant person r ...
  5. Gurudev, earlier ignorance was leading me to fear, but now, sometimes, knowledge is bringing me more confusion. What should I do?

    That is good! The purpose of knowledge is to confuse you again, and again, and again. It is not to bring clarity. At every level of confusion, you jump one more step higher. So, never mind.
    When there is no confusion, it is like a ramp walk, where the ...
  6. Dear Gurudev, can you please speak about bondage? Why does the soul feel trapped, and what are the causes of bondage?

    Ignorance is the cause of bondage. And why there is ignorance? There is no answer to that.
    Why has the Divine first created this ignorance and then the means to get out of it? That is why it is called Leela (a game or play of the Divine) ...
  7. A person believes in God but cheats and robs. Another does not believe in God but never cheats. Who is right?

    You have already given the answer!
    It is like asking me, ‘I have kept coal in one plate and butter in another. What would you like?’ It is so clear.
    If someone believes in God, how can he cheat others? I don’t understand this.
    It could also ...
  8. Gurudev, it is very common to see good people suffer nowadays. Why people are not punished in the same birth when they commit sins and when they are aware of their sins?

    See through my eyes. I do not see any bad people at all.
    I only see the intelligent and the ignorant. The intelligent recognizes the truth earlier. The ignorant takes a little longer time and they suffer because of their ignorance, not because of thei ...
  9. What should I do as a believer when people criticize my Guru, my religious book or my belief?

    Just give a big smile.
    Tell them you smile at their ignorance. That one comment does more work than getting angry at them.
    If someone says something against what you hold dear, say 'I pity your ignorance.' That is all. What can you do? You can’t ...
  10. Don't be stuck with words

    We attach meaning to words, and we distort them too. For example, the word brainwashing. Your brain, like your body, needs washing sometimes. You don’t want to walk around with a dirty brain, a dirty mind. What is wrong with the word brainwashing? It indi ...
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