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  1. Gurudev, I understand that you are equally dear to everyone, but why don’t we all have the heavenly experience of talking, walking, chatting and playing with you? What kind of karma have some of the other volunteers done to be so close to you?

    Listen, do not worry, you have all good karma!

    When I am walking, just elbow some people, come forward, and ask me what you want to ask. Do not be shy, stay in the back and expect me to call!

    I do my visits; today one of the volunteers was cryi ...

  2. Gurudev, why are we unable to forget the bad experiences that we have had in life? If someone has insulted us, we keep remembering the same incident again and again in life. How can we get rid of this problem?

    Come now, forget about it! Everyone is going to die one day. What is the use of remembering it for so long? Just know that the one who insulted you will die one day, and so will you. Where is the place for the anger or the insult?
    You have forgotte ...

  3. Gurudev, is getting a certain experience the goal of Sadhana? I haven’t got any experience in my Sadhana till now. This keeps bothering me.

    No, never mind! It is the experience of going from the scenery to the seer that is important. If experiences come, they come. If not, never mind! Still it is okay. Experiences change all the time. ...
  4. Dear Gurudev, whatever you have said, I have at some time experienced it before. But I am now not able to experience it any more. What is the reason for that, and what should I do?

    Just relax. You are in the right space at the right time. See, these experiences come and go. Just take them as they come. Neither should you hanker for them, nor should you try to avoid them also. This is our golden principle. ...
  5. I have been doing meditation since a long time. During a recent meditation, you appeared and gave me a prasad. My eyes were closed, but you were seeing everything. My question is, was it you, or was it God in your form?

    A sadhak (seeker) has many experiences in his life. There is no need to probe into it. Just move on.
    Yesterday's experience was yesterday’s; today's experience is for today, and tomorrow you will have a new experience.
    Whether it was a ple ...
  6. In Yoga Vasistha, Lord Rama tells us that three worlds exist because of mind stuff. When the mind vanishes the worlds also vanish. What does he mean by mind stuff and how can the world exist because of the mind?

    This cannot be explained, this can only be experienced.
    Till the time it becomes your experience just take the words and don’t look for an explanation.

    If I say laddoo is sweet and if you ask, ‘How is laddoo sweet?’ I have no idea. I will say, ‘J ...

  7. I had an experience of oneness about five years ago. It lasted for about one full day.

    Forget about experiences. Don't worry about it; you might have had it, so what? It has gone and what has gone is not real. What is real will never leave you and it has never left you, it is there even now.
    We should not hanker for experiences. Experie ...
  8. Who commits sin or karma? Is it the soul or the body, and if the soul commits sin then why does the body have to suffer?

    Now come on; don’t get into all these technicalities and confusion.
    If you are interested in knowing then do research, who am I? Do I have karma or not? If there is karma, then where is it? All this you have to sit and think.
    If I answer you, my a ...
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