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  1. Dear Gurudev, spreading love one person at a time is much slower than spreading hatred, which is spreading in multiples these days. We need to go mass, and very fast. How can we do that?

    I’ll leave that question with you. And spread the question first. When many people start thinking and talking about it, there could be multiple ideas on how we can spread love fast. We should try to implement all of them or most of them. Certain questions ...
  2. Gurudev, the heart is located on the left side of the body. Is there any spiritual reason for this?

    Well, there are many such questions. Why are there two holes in the nostrils. Why two eyes in the same place, one could have been in the front and one at the back.
    What can one say to why the heart is on the left side. Something has got to be somewher ...
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