Group Retreats

Group Retreats

A Selective List of Group Retreats at the Center

The center hosts groups from different background to support their programs in this unique, powerful space. With the views, the silence, the architecture, dining and spacious venues, retreats at the center are one of a kind.


Selection of Past Groups

Insight Meditation Community of Charlotte  |  Bliss-Body Yoga  |  Elon University Student Retreat  |  New Jerusalem Church  |  Sadhu Sanga Festival  |  Chinmaya Mission Spiritual Retreat - Raleigh Chapter  |  Shambhala Retreat  |  Marietta Seniors' Tour


"It is such an amazing location. One really feels connected to nature here. The ambiance is so serene. I highly recommend this retreat center."

-Vilasini, Sadhu Sanga Festival


"The staff is amazing. They worked endlessly to make sure our women's group was taken care of. The property was immaculate, the views from your room are breathtaking, and the peace and stillness of the atmosphere was serence. I can't wait to go back!"

- Kameshia, New Jerusalem Church


"Waking up to the melodious birds chirping, soaking in morning sunshine, breathing in fresh mountain air, performing guided yoga series, hiking/biking on beautiful trails of Blue Ridge Mountains. The local retreat staff/volunteers are awesome loving caring individuals who go above and beyond to make you feel at home! And the highlight of our stay was the high prana food served 3 times a day...a highly recommended place for anyone and everyone who wants to repose and recharge in a natural, peaceful set up."

- Charlene, Yoga Group


"It's a small slice of serenity."

- Ferrick, Yoga Retreat