Welcome to your home in the Blue Ridges

The Center has a variety of restful rooms overlooking the scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether autumn or summer, any time of year is an ideal time to enjoy the natural environment here.

Hillside Rooms

Comfortable and simple, hillside rooms feature twin beds and private bathrooms. They are located along the Eastern mountain slope and are a great option for those who desire peaceful relaxation accompanied by the music of the mountains.




Hotel Rooms

Located on a valley ridge in the Spa, these rooms offer great views of the sunrise and mountains. Hotel rooms feature more amenities, private bathrooms and full and king beds. A limited number of rooms are available.




Guests are welcome to dine at our vegetarian dining facilities, which features dishes that are designed to facilitate peace of mind, energy and dynamism. The food is vegetarian, healthy, nutritious, balanced and delicious, and made substantially of organic fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. 

For a retreat, center accomodation offers a superb mix of simplicity and comfort. 

For Reservations, please call (800) 392-6870