Ayurveda Healing Retreats

Discover Life in Harmony

...with Nature, with Your body and with You.

Ayurvedic Detox Panchakarma Retreat

This profound treatment program reawakens the body’s natural healing ability and intelligence so that it can help restore balance. Based on the ancient science of Ayurvedic detox, this cleanse will prepare you to meet the spring, summer and fall healthy and strong.

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The Need for Ayurveda

To confront the demands with which the ever-changing world confronts the body, Ayurveda boosts the body’s capacity to restore its health. Ayurvedic treatments address current imbalances triggered by changes in weather, disease or lifestyle. Imbalance appears in many forms such as lack of energy, tiredness, loss of memory and a compromised immune system.

Through this Ayurveda retreat, you will:

-      Develop an optimum personal wellness routine tailored to your needs.
-      Explore and develop a personal lifestyle for greater health and vitality
-      Develop a routine that aligns your body with nature and the changing seasons
-      Find self-knowledge through pulse diagnosis, a time-tested, non-invasive diagnostic technique practiced for thousands of years and recognized by the World Health Organization
-      Experience daily massage by therapists steeped in the classical Indian tradition of Ayurveda
-      Experience daily yoga and meditation in the beauty of the mountains 
Come experience firsthand the oldest and most relevant system of natural medicine. Begin your journey to wholeness by experiencing powerful solutions to meet and support your personal goals. Stay at the center includes:
• A diet of Seasonal Vegetarian, Ayurvedic Cooking, a healthy way to eat specifically designed for your constitution.
• Ayurvedic health lectures
• Cooking Demonstrations
• A supportive, comfortable environment for personal renewal



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