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Talks & Personal Consultations with Dr. Lokesh Raturi


To stay well, Ayurveda provides knowledge and tools of the highest order. To apply the extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic vaidyas (an Ayurvedic doctor) are highly regarded for their ability to test for any imbalance in the body or mind through pulse diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis is a non-invasive, surprisingly accurate way to assess one's well-being. With a vaidya's expert guidance, this can be used as a base to develop a personal wellness routine that encompasses supplements, diet and lifestyle for your type.

Dr. Lokesh Raturi

Dr. Lokesh Raturi Ayurveda expert

Dr. Lokesh Raturi is one of the pre-eminent experts in the science of pulse diagnosis, or nadi pariksha. He has consulted, given trainings and developed training programs in India, the US and Europe over the course of the last 14 years. His expertise includes pulse diagnosis, reproductive health and maternal care, stress management and diabetes, joint care, arthritic problems, rheumatism, neurological imbalances, mental weakness, yoga, meditation and pancha karma. He was born in the Western Himalayas into a family tradition of herbal healing. Previously, Dr. Lokesh directed his own clinic in the Himalayas before engaging full time to educate the public about wellness through Ayurveda and to provide training to Ayurvedic doctors in the science of pulse diagnosis.

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Tour Schedule

Date Event Place Link
8/12 Public Talk Raleigh, NC Register
8/13 Pulse Diagnosis Raleigh, NC


8/14 Pulse Diagnosis Raleigh, NC Register
8/15 Pulse Diagnosis Jersey City, NJ Register
8/16 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Mahwah, NJ Register
8/17 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Metuchen, NJ Register
8/18 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Denville, NJ Register
8/19 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Princeton Junction, NJ Register
8/21 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Dublin, CA Register
8/22 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Fremont, CA Register
8/23 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Cupertino, CA Register
8/24 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis San Jose, CA Register
8/25 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis San Jose, CA Register
8/26 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Santa Clara, CA Register
8/27 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis San Francisco, CA Register
8/28 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Sacramento, CA Register
8/29 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis Sacramento, CA Register
8/30 - 9/7 Training DC Center  
9/15 - 9/17 Talk & Pulse Diagnosis New York, NY Register
9/18 - 9/24 Panchakarma Retreat (Residential) Boone, NC Register