Celebration and Silence

Dive Deep Within with the Art of Silence Intensive

Immersion in Sound & Silence: Knowledge, Celebration and Deep Silence

The October month is a very special time to rest in silence. As spring has turned to sumer, summer will turn to fall, and Boone will bloom with golden yellow and autumn red colors. It is at this juncture in the seasons that the mind naturally goes inward to find deep rest, rejuvenation and relaxation before it moves into the winter ahead. This is the season when Guruji himself often goes into silence during the famed Navratri, or Mother Divine, celebrations in our Bangalore ashram.

This is the time when we take our minds back to renew with deep silence. This will be an intensive course with lots of deep meditations followed celebration.

The Sound & the Silence

For all those who really want to relax in fall in a retreat environment, surrounded by beauty, this is really the place. Complemented by the chanting of Vedic mantras, the silence of the course will be enriched.

Enrich Your Practice with Sanskrit Chanting 

The course will feature pujas, offerings of gratitude, that enliven the mind and create a calm, soothing atmosphere ideally suited for meditation. Daily chanting will accompany the daily meditation. John Osborne, who has been studying Sanskrit for years will bring his passion for this ancient knowledge to his teaching, along with Andrew, who leads some of the chanting. John will also bring his vibrant energy with his guitar to the evening satsangs, so that these will be nights to remember.

9 Nights 

The Mother Divine Celebrations traditionally continue for 9 nights. We will be starting the course near the peak of the celebrations. You are welcome to come early to sink into the silence of Boone so your schedule permits. There will be a structure of programs which you may elect to participate in for those who wish to come early for any or all of the 9 nights.

The Art of Silence Course

The Art of Silence offered in a retreat environment in Boone provides optimal conditions for going deep within, quieting our mental chatter, and experiencing profound rest and inner silence. The practice of silence – of consciously withdrawing our energy and attention from outer distractions – has been used in different traditions throughout time as a pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal. By participating in various course processes specifically designed to take us beyond our usually active minds, we experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality that we carry home with us and into daily lives.

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