Guru Purnima - Accommodations


Staying at the Retreat Center in Boone while attending the retreats is one of the many treasured experiences of taking a course here. We are happy to make available on-campus housing for all those who are registered for any of the courses listed above. Housing will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.
On-campus housing is available for the full duration of your registered course, including the arrival day. Please check your course's details to determine the nominal housing fee.


Check-IN for Weeklong Retreat: July 6th @ 2pm
Check-IN for Guru Puja 1 (GP1): July 7th @ 2pm
Check-IN for Guru Puja 2 (GP2): July 9th @ 2pm
Check-IN for Silence Course: July 8th @ 2pm
Check-IN for YES Course: July 8th @ 2pm
Check- IN for ART Excel Course: July 8th @ 2pm
Check-OUT for ALL COURSES: July 13th @ 9am

Housing Options

Center housing for all course participants is four shared. However, Course participants have the option to sign up for triple occupancy or double occupancy housing for the duration of their course for an additional cost. Look for the triple or double occupancy housing option when registering for your course. If you are already registered, and would like to change your housing, please email us @
Note: Men and Women will be housed separately for all housing options at the Retreat Center.

Family housing

Limited Family housing is available for members of a family attending courses together during Guru Purnima 2014 Celebrations at Art of Living retreat center at Boone. Please read the information below carefully to learn more about family housing and how to register.
Important Information:
  • Family Housing is applicable to families with children under the age of 18yrs.
  • All participants age 18yrs and above, Men & Women will be housed separately at the Art of Living Retreat center
  • All family members staying in family housing should be registered for courses.
  • To avail Family Housing, parents need to be registered for Weeklong Retreat or a Graduate program and all children should be registered for a youth program (YES, ARTExcel or Angels)
How to get Family housing on Art of Living retreat center premises:

If all members of your family are registering for courses at Art of Living Retreat Center between July 6 -13th, you can stay together on premises.
  • Please go ahead and register yourself and your family members for courses.
  • Please DO NOT sign up/pay for accommodation online when you register for the courses.
  • Once you register all members of your family, please email us at with name, age, gender, course registered for and transaction id of each member of the family.
  • Children under 5yrs of age, need to be registered for Angels program but can stay on premises at No Charge if they are co-sleeping with the parent.
  • Family housing is limited and available on first come first served basis. The team will confirm housing for your family based on availability. We request your understanding and support on this.
  • Once the team reviews your information, they will confirm if you can avail family housing and will respond to you with instructions on how to register and pay for family housing. Since all housing on premises is 4 shared, the cost will depend on the number of the people in your family and if there is a possibility of you sharing space with another course participant who is not a member of your family.
  • The family housing will be confirmed once housing registration and payment is complete.
  • If we are not able to accommodate your family, we will be happy to assist you with alternate options.