Meditation & Lunch: An Open Meeting

Introduction to Meditation: Relax and Recharge this weekend 

Relax Deeply...

Relax and Recharge this weekend with an introduction to meditation and the mind. During this time, a teacher will guide guests through participatroy processes and a relaxing meditation. 

"I came in feeling stressed, but now I feel so relaxed and light." - Tina

Discover how easy and natural meditation is - it is nothign foreign to us, but just discovering our own nature. And in that processs, we relax deeply and let go of worries.  In this introduction to meditation, we will look at our mind and how it works as well as the secrets of the breath.

Food for Body and Soul

A delicious vegetarian lunch will be offered for those who would like to stay back after the session and experience the freshness of good, light food with pleasant discussion.

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