The International Center for Meditation and Well-Being

A place to relax, revive, dive deep within yourself…

A place to be with the nature, enjoy the silence, refresh…

The International Center for Meditation & Well-Being is a place to rediscover human values – compassion, love, togetherness, joy, harmony – and to nurture them in our life. The Center hosts workshops and retreats that take one deeper into the experience of life – the Art of Living.

If you are interested to learn yoga, meditation or breathing techniques or you are practicing yoga for some time – here you can join a program no matter how experienced and advanced you are.

The center offers a serene atmosphere for retreat, where the silence outside, in the forest and on the mountain, help one to go deeper inside and discover the beauty within. Silence retreats are offered on a regular basis as the Art of Silence program.

This center hopes to show a true representation of American values and the ancient Vedic value of a one-world family,  offering a place where young and old and people from different races, cultures, beliefs and gender can unite in a spirit of wisdom, celebration and service.

Volunteers are welcomed who wish to share their skills to build this ideal into a reality at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being in Boone.

“Let this place be a chance for miracles in the lives of millions of people – where tears turn into smiles,

desperation turns into hope,

dullness turns into creativity and

hatred turns into love.”                    -Sri Sri, Founder