Music of Meditation

Music of Meditation: Journeys with Philip Fraser

Join a Journey from Sound to Silence, from Music to Meditation...

 Philip Fraser is a long-time teacher of meditation for beginners and advanced students and an inspired artist on the Indian flute. Having forty years of experience, Philip brings to his teaching a rare combination of mystery and melody, soul-stirring silence and beauitful music. He weaves these two strands of sound and silence effortlessly together to facilitate life-transforming retreats.

A close disciple of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar since the late eighties, Philip was made one of the first teachers of the Art of Living's basic and advanced programs worldwide. Since then, he has spent over two decades on the road, sharing these powerful techniques and developing centers of meditation and wisdom in Bangalore, India; Canada; Washington D.C., Los Angeles and now the Southeastern U.S.

Music of the Heart

Philip has played music as long as he has meditated and has released three albums to date.

Devotional Flute Music (1998) Extended Melodies on the theme of Sunrise & Sunset

Eternity (2001) A Journey into Eternity, features "Space" and "Dissolve"

Silent Tango (2007) A Collaboration with Noah Heffeld, featuring a fusion of meditative melodies and striking tango themes

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For a schedule of retreats guided nationwide by Philip, please see You can often find him in residence at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being, where he leads weekend retreats and inspired evening kirtans, often with his flute and wit in hand.